Немного о Хансе Акселе фон Ферзене

The Deed With the Swede

Marie Antoinette met the Swedish soldier Hans Axe­l von Fersen in January 1774 at a ball in Paris. At the time, she was still the dauphine (not yet the queen), and Fersen's military career had just begun. Marie Antoinette was instantly attracted to Fersen -- like many women before her and many women after her -- who was handsome, sol­emn and chivalrous. She invited him to Versailles, and he became known as one of her favorite guests. Fersen returned Marie Antoinette's affections, but couldn't offer constancy: His military career blossomed into a diplomatic post and took him to England for several years and then to the American colonies, where he fought with the colonists on behalf of France.
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